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Workers' Compensation Defense Lawyers in Oklahoma Protect Your Business

Skilled attorneys defend employers in the Tulsa area against questionable claims

When employees become injured or ill in the workplace, they may be eligible for workers’ compensation, no-fault insurance coverage provided by employers. That means most workers in Oklahoma are entitled to workers' comp benefits when their injuries were suffered in the course of their employment. Unfortunately, some employees can abuse this benefits system. It is estimated that approximately 10 percent of all workers' comp claims are fraudulent. Fortunately, there are exceptions to workers' compensation liability and Gish McGivern, P.A. uses those exceptions to protect firms in the Tulsa area and throughout Oklahoma. We represent employers who face workers' comp claims by working to reduce the cost of the employee's claim by disputing the validity or severity of the injury.

Proven litigators provide defenses to workers' comp claims

As experienced workers’ comp attorneys, we help defend businesses from employee benefits claims by demonstrating that:

  • There is a non-work-related cause of the injury.
  • The injury occurred while the employee was intoxicated.
  • The injury was preexisting or partially preexisting.
  • The actual cause of the injury was horseplay.
  • The extent of the injury is overstated.
  • The injury does not exist at all.

If any of these circumstances exist, we will defend your company in denying the claim or reducing benefits based on the facts of the case.

Knowledgeable firm draws on experts to bolster your defense

Gish McGivern, P.A. consults a variety of experts in defending your business against fraudulent or excessive claims. We call upon doctors, trauma specialists and other medical experts to evaluate the extent of the worker's alleged injuries and consult with financial analysts to determine what a worker's medical care should truly cost. When a worker's injury is covered by workers' compensation, we use this information to help you reach a settlement that minimizes your insurer's payout to the injured worker.

Dependable advisers assist with third-party claims

If your worker's injury was caused by another person, company or contractor, you may be able to bring a claim against that company to compensate you for the benefits you had to pay your employee, in a process known as subrogation. We will help you recover damages from all responsible parties to protect your business and limit your liability.

Contact our experienced Oklahoma workers’ compensation defense attorneys

From our Tulsa office, Gish McGivern, P.A. defends employers throughout Oklahoma faced with workers’ compensation claims and appeals. To schedule a free consultation, call 918-936-4988 or contact us online.